Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tips to think about Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to cost, it is mistakenly thought that a whole new aircon system would be the one that costs more. When basically, what's the considered is the 'initial cost' but not the 'initial cost' but not the long term expenses and benefits. Repair may be best defined as your cheapest, most immediate option that solves the issue for the moment. But when you come to consider the operating cost of your old AC unit versus a new and more effective model, then the difference can be said to be by leaps and bounds.

Efficiency Rating

Air conditioning systems are rated thru the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER number of their compressors. The bigger the value of the SEER, the more efficient the hardware is. To mandate better conservation of energy, federal Regulations have allowed only AC units with thirteen SEER or above to be available in the market. Today, the highest rated air conditioners range between 17 to eighteen SEER. Though the cost of the purchase now might be large, in the future purchasing a high-efficiency unit would turn out to be the industrial choice with lower operating costs and longer working life.

Sound Rating Numbers

To keep the home at its most comforting, the noise that the air conditioning system makes should also be considered. For a cooler yet quiet indoor stay, choose an aircon system that is R410A Based. These types of AC units feature an outer casing that is thick and tough enough to minimize compressor vibrations and noise. Selecting quieter models would also serve advantageous particularly if they are going to be located in areas considered as outside extensions of your living space like the garden.

HVAC Contractor

No matter if you chose the most technologically advanced model boasting the highest efficiency, your aircon system would not work as it was designed if not installed correctly and sized accurately. Incorrectly installed apparatus might also cause safety and environmental hazards. So for perfect potency, hire a certified HVAC contractor. Though finding one can be a bother, quality of the installment job is guaranteed and if in case the AC unit would have problems in the future, you would not have to go thru the selection again. The location where the hardware will be installed is also crucial. With the experience and knowledge of your employed HVAC contractor, correct air circulation or flow will be ensured.

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