Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free White iPhone 4 for Lucky Testers - Rumors of Pre-Holiday Availability

I can get a White iPhone 4 Christmas? This is a question that many ask. There are some tips that fell, more recently, in a position in the DNA Jenny Lewis phones, the iPhone will be available for 4 white Christmas shopping season. This makes sense for Apple, entering the holiday season with the white version would be a major boost to Apple's bottom line. Not released before the holidays if you Apple?

No doubt the new white version will be available soon. The balance of white and color saturation levels of translucency is certainly a major concern, but not one that is likely to stand in the way much longer.

A good way to stay on top of the action is to become a tester of iPhone. Why miss the opportunity to be a tester of the new Apple products when they leave? Rest assured, are not free Apple iPhone 4s delivered to testers every day, some are white, some are black, and they are all very cool! You've read about product testing technology devices to get candy for free use only and provide feedback. Maybe you think it is difficult to participate?

It's really easy! All you have to do is find websites online promotion will be pleased to offer a free iPhone 4 White in exchange for their review. Normally you are asked to complete a survey or checklist on the phone instead of having to write a lengthy review of some. It may be easier than that, right?

This all makes sense when you realize that there are companies out there who get paid millions of dollars to do market research, your job is to find out "what people like." To achieve this they bribe people like you and me with gifts and toys in exchange for all they ask is to give them our honest opinion by completing short surveys, etc. The company obtains the necessary information about the product and you Get a new white iPhone 4 FREE! Everyone wins! Sound good?

Do not be fooled by people who say that everything online is a scam. You can actually get your hands on a free iPhone4! Find the website, check if still available in your area enter your zip code and then make sure you select white (black is still the default on most sites). Good luck!