Monday, June 13, 2011

First Preference - EB-1 Immigration

Well different types of people who want to immigrate to the United States to keep track of, the government people to apply for a variety of different visa allows. Visas, employment-based visas a group, own several categories. Group that the government wanted people probably have first priority.

Employment-based visas, visa or EB, is divided into five levels above. EB-1 is rated as first priority individuals, while fifth seed Immigrants EB-5 visa is given. It is important to note that the EB-5 visa holders is still important to the United States. 5-EB immigrant investors, or those who come to America for a new company that will open at least 10 full-time job is to plan to start. The economy can give a much-needed boost.

First preference individuals worldwide reputation or other characteristic of the internationally recognized work or importance. U.S. allows people to take three groups of EB-1 visa ". Multinational managers or executives" extraordinary abilities, "as well as" outstanding professors and researchers, "and those with each of these groups, you that you have something to prove to the world, you must take first priority over the position must meet impact requirements.

Demonstrate exceptional ability, a person must show that he or she is an Oscar or Pulitzer prizes won as a significant achievement. Not about the individual awards earned, must show he or she or other requirements are met. The first time a person applying for EB-1 priority, an American with an offer of employment is required. However, professors, researchers, or for those applying as an officer, to show you an offer of employment or the employer to petition you to be. In addition, if you are a professor or researcher, you work published or won, among other things, the award should be examples.

Employment-based immigration visa application under the first priority for those application process can be difficult and confusing.;u=41205