Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is There A Cure For Anxiety?

Treatment vs. cure. This is the question that would be still playing in your mind, right? Well, let me tell you that there is no cure for anxiety as this is a reflex reaction that your body adopts in time of danger. You "cure" anxiety and you would be left helpless in times of danger - physical or otherwise. Therefore, in this context 'cure' would be more harm than help. When I say no cure, it doesn't mean you won't be fully recovered. Everyone have different level of anxiety, and you want to be fully recovered to a normal person with normal level of anxiety!

The Best Treatment Is Tailor-Made There are many ways you can treat anxiety successfully, which means you can keep it in control, which is as good as being healthy. You could choose one particular treatment and excel at it, or you could have your own cocktail of techniques adjusted perfectly to your needs. Give yourself time to find out the right combination and be patient when looking for results. Sometimes, you may need a few weeks or even months until you realize you are walking on the right path.

Seek And Accept Professional Help You may feel you are in control but very often when you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, you are not. You feel normal, but you are in fact ill. Do not hesitate or delay seeking professional help. I say 'professional' here because it is important that you receive the right kind of help. Over-the-counter medication, half-baked recipes for relaxation, things that worked for X, and other such 'great advices' would not really help you. It would rather push you into deeper trouble and complicate the already existing problems. Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologists does not mean you are crazy; it means you need help with things pertaining to the mind and the function of the brain. Fight the temptation to give in to such myths and heresy; do the right thing.

Make Relaxation An Integral Part Of Your Life Whatever it is you are doing professionally and personally, you need to make time for relaxation. This should be something you do every day, like brushing your teeth or taking a bath. Choose the method or a combination of methods which suit you best and ensure that you do it every day without fail. Do not get stuck on one type, even if that helps you best. With time, you might grow insensitive to one particular type; try identifying and rotating some of your favorite recipes for relaxation for best results.

Develop A Positive Attitude - Believe In Yourself You would have never seen an airplane if the Wright Brothers would have given up when the whole world told them they were mad to think that they could make a machine that flies. You would not have had the bulb if Edison would have dumped his project after the 100 times he failed in his experiment. Come to think of it, you would have precious little today if some extraordinary men and women did not believe in themselves despite tremendous odds piled against them and discouragement from their peers. You need to internalize the fact that you are unique and special. You are not comparable to anybody and you are not inferior to anyone. Nurture positive thoughts promote positive attitude and sustain a healthy outlook towards life; and you will never what anxiety is.

Medication Should Be Taken Under Strict Medical Supervision You will find that in many cases you would need medication to regain control over anxiety attacks. Do not be tempted any time to self-medicate yourself, even on the same prescription. Anxiety and depression medicines can be extremely harmful if taken irresponsibly. Keep your doctor updated about any and all changes in your condition. You also need to inform your doctor if you change your diet, adopt an alternative medicine treatment or take up any type of relaxation methods. Do not do anything without the approval and endorsement of your doctor.

Diet Is Important - Eat Healthy If you expect and crave for a healthy body and mind, you need to ensure that what goes inside the body is healthy, too. Avoid fast foods, irregular meals, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs and late nights. Adopt a disciplined and healthy life. This does not mean that you could not let your hair down from time to time. By all means, have your parties and fun and all - but when it comes to regular days, stick to healthy foods and habits.

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