Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Are Average Moving Rates in Canada and USA?

Rates vary from company to company, but there are three basic structure that positions Canada / US engine load and in several Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

The movers will usually give the option. For local movements of the time is usually the best option to go to a flat rate, the Canadian and U.S. engines also paid a fixed price, will hurry to finish before increasing their hourly pay, which can also result in damage .. . flat rate is good for movements that require a lot of driving time. That the fee structure would also apply to movements in the Vancouver Island and to Alberta, just to the U.S. or Canada will be charged weight.Moving rates vary from Vancouver to Toronto, but in general the cost of the engines in Calgary and Montreal is cheaper than in Toronto and the cities of the West Coast. The average prices of two men and a truck is about $ 50 to $ 100 per hour. Vancouver to Toronto engines are rates of the pound or kilo. If you need car shipping is a totally different fee schedule.

What is the travel time? It is the time of the move Canada takes to get home, the time between the office and the destination. Industry standard is 30 minutes, but may be higher or lower depending on location, traveling time as opposed to hourly rates can sometimes be negotiated with Vancouver moving companies. This charge is necessary for us because we have to send the truck and 2 men, there is a cost to it. If a taxi costs $ 10 for a walk 5 km, which is just a 5-ton truck and two employees charge $ 30 or more. However, if you are moving in the West End of Vancouver, sometimes we make exceptions and not give it a promotion of travel time.;u=2893