Saturday, June 18, 2011

Organize Your Crafting Workspace: Storing Ribbon Remnants

If the art space is complicated because there are a lot of pieces of tape out there, here is the solution to corral the canteen and spark your creativity. This organizer allows you to upload all bit remains, which are easy to see ... and you will be more likely to use them for the next album or greeting card. Let's start!

Today Feature Project: Organizing Remaining tape

Materials: plastic coated wire hanger, acrylic craft paint, foam brush, Mini Clamp wood trim, fast-acting glue (or hot glue gun) and tape residue

First steps:

1. If you have not actually buy a small bottle or two of acrylic craft paint, foam paint brush, and a pack of mini wooden pegs.
2. Pull a durable plastic coated wire hanger in your closet (plastic tubular supports are too thick!). If possible, choose a color that matches the color scheme of your workspace ... or be bold and choose a new color!
3. Search crates, and containers for the remains of the tape (like Stampin 'Up! ½ "striped grosgrain ribbon or 5 / 8" satin ribbon). All your essentials are close at hand ... go!

Decorate your tweezers:

1. Use your foam brush and acrylic craft paint to paint their wooden pegs.
2. Paint the front, back and sides. Be careful not to get paint in the spring as it "freeze" the closure and the pin will not work! The paint dries quickly so this step should not take long.
3. If you prefer, you can paint different colored pins, you can paint several colors on each pin - the choice is yours!

Now let's add a little personality!

1. Choose your favorite tape and tie on the rack at the point where the "hook" joins the body of the hanger. Make several turns for the arc to give more fullness ... and make it more of a role in the hanger.
2. Take some of your tweezers and add embellishments to them, ensuring fast-acting glue, or even using a hot glue gun. I suggest crochet flowers (like Stampin 'Up! Fleurettes), buttons (such as Stampin' Up! Buttons design) and some bling (like Stampin 'Up! Stones Pearls Basic or Basic).
3. You can even add gloss or gloss paint (like Stampin 'Up! Champagne Shimmer Mist paint or Stampin' Emboss Powder). The possibilities are endless!

Wow ... you are done with the construction ... Now is the time to put together!

1. Use your decorated pins to hang ribbons on the rack in the manner that best suits their needs ... by color, size, type / texture.
2. Then find a prominent place in your work area craft and hang your new Organizer Remnant tape.;u=14500;u=47365;u=4763