Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steps to Minimize Hair Loss Following Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, or you've been pregnant before, you may already know that hair loss after the birth of your baby is a normal part of the cycle. Due to the fact that your body is not the normal amount of its losses during the month of your pregnancy, when things finally back to the way they were, all the hair that should have fallen into the regular cycle, once in a . This leaves you with much thinner hair and worrying about how much more you will lose and wonder if it will ever come back.

During pregnancy, your body is filled with extra blood flow and hormones, both of which are instrumental in keeping your hair in place. In fact, you can enjoy the most luxurious hair you've ever had. Doctors used to believe that this phenomenon was caused by prenatal vitamins, but have since learned that it is a natural side effect of pregnancy. All extra nutrients to create a minimal hair loss situation and let your hair to continue growing for a longer period of time creating thicker, healthier hair. When you start seeing it happen, it is your thrill. You can also expect that the condition is not going to last.

After your birth, your hormone levels drop again, and her loss will be within two to three months starting after the birth. Some women are known for their hair fall out by the handfuls, but most will only notice a slight thinning which peaks around six months to highlight. However, there is no need for a defeatist attitude about the whole situation, because there are things you can do to reduce the effects by the time you less stressed to help.

Taking excellent care of yourself is essential to minimize hair loss. Not only do you have the right diet, but you also need a sufficient amount of rest. Admittedly, the idea of ​​getting plenty of sleep with a new baby in the house is almost an oxymoron, but if you have a friend or relative to stay with the baby for a few extra hours sleep, you should try to arrange . You can also force yourself to always rest the baby rests. Sure, there is more housework to be done, but you are much more important at this point. The cleaning will wait until a more opportune moment.

Giving yourself a daily scalp massage with nourishing oils can also be effective in slowing the loss of hair. You can try other natural treatments that will help to restore balance in your body, such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, or a full-body massage. And most important for you to remember, if you hair loss, the condition is only temporary. Your hair will grow back.;u=119832