Thursday, August 11, 2011

Divining Your Life Path Number

If your Soul Number (as taught in another New Age Notebook) you calculate the numbers to see what are your unique challenges in life can contrast.

Change the month you were born in a single number. Angelina Jolie who is June 4, 1975 was born in use as an example.

Change the first month the same number or master number. Note that when calculating months, double digit months as of September, October November and December do not reduce down to a single digit. For example, November, 11 th month, which equates to No. 2 after you add each one together.

Angelina Jolie's birthday does not reduce down to a single digit. Months of the year is the sixth month of his birth. Her month number is 6.

For example, if you were born at 17 then you add 1 and 7 with a lower number than 8. If you were born on 29 Master number 11 you will be less. In that case, and the number is less than 1.

Angelina Jolie's birthday as he was born on 4 be reduced, so the number is 4.

Total points year to the next life and at the same number. Jolie 1 +9 +7 +5 born 1975, so you have to add an amount that represents the year the number will reach. Jolie's case the 22-year master's. It will be reduced to just 2.

Amount a month, and year of birth with the amount of money to add. For Jolie it would be:

6 = 12 4 2

If you get a double digit, as is the case with Angelina Jolie, numbers down further.

1 3 = two

Angelina Jolie's Life Path number 3.

Interpretation of the Life Path number

Life Path Number 1

If you have a 1, soul freedom and personal achievement are driven by a need for. For its prime directive to learn how to be independent of others in all ways, but especially emotionally and financially.

Number 1s often likely to be great leaders but often fail when it comes to teamwork and cooperation. For this reason, they make great entrepreneurs, freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers make.

No. 1 is usually at least two thirds of his life off the emotional and financial shackles imposed on them by others spent trying to shake. They are usually self-made individuals who, like salmon swimming upstream, have been able to overcome great obstacles. They are innovative and inventive personalities usually end up changing the world for the better in some way.

A person with a number 1 Life Path usually motivation, enthusiasm, creativity, and is blessed with inspiration. They are physically strong and mentally stronger than most people do.

But sometimes a person traveling a Life Path number of self-absorbed, pushy, and can be overwhelming. Their aggression and ambition is often interpreted as hostility and selfishness.

They see people as objects and possessive, jealous and are obsessive. He is also not beyond entertaining an infidelity that would advance his career.

Number 1s who stray from their paths often mentally ill or addicted clingy codependent relationships with partners in the end.

Life Path Number 2

For those following a career path No. 2 diplomat, are predisposed individuals.They are often great judges, mediators, lawyers, counselors or social workers to resolve disputes because they have an incredible talent.

These loving, optimistic individuals prefer to watch only the best in others. They are honest about the mistake. They have high emotional quotients and a work setting that requires teamwork to thrive best.

2s number nine to five jobs where the same routine every day to work the best. Erratic behavior, drama queens and overt displays physical affection disturbed him.

They are also very sentimental and nostalgic, many of them collect antiques and photographs of loved ones.

The purpose of life as a No. 2 to bring harmony to group situations it is very important for them to get out and socialize. A number 2 that is different from his or her career path has gone astray. Pessimism, lethargy and depression usually identify this.In fact, how many of them to meet their soul mates.;u=62667;name=Valisk_Joans

Creating A Life You Love

Imagine that right now, today, there ... Within your grasp specific aspects of your life so that the total amount of redesign is not a life you absolutely love one but many occasions. Then imagine that the only thing standing between you and your chances of a closed mind, fear, habits, anxiety, worry, drama, or perhaps mental, physical and emotional clutter. Do you know what is a default? This is what you get when you do not choose a default for most of us between average and mediocre with sprinkles of joy in life. A default life is living for the weekend. As a default 'til retirement is hanging on. For children to develop a default for life, move out, and is waiting to finish college. A default life is waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the day to day things get better ....

The mistake most people a great life, great job, a great marriage, a great body, or is not of great children. I do not know about you, but I touched, I am not moved or inspired by mediocrity. I aspire to live an average life, with an average job, and an average of twenty-something wedding anniversary to celebrate. Relationships and experience in my soul that I love deeply, deeply moving, and wants to the see the magnificence in all of life. I do not have that kind of life I may have to settle for the default. My name is Robin Harris and I have a coach, an author, a certified natural Counsultant capabilities Highlands, and I am the CEO of DesignerLife, for a transformational business dedicated to helping individuals live by design do not by default. And today I just absolutely love the life you want to talk about design. I say DesignerLife.

What is DesignerLife? A piece of art that only pretty, but think is not very functional. Just like a beautiful warm and comfortable home and a family focus and offers a sanctuary, a DesignerLife provides sanctuary and focus for the soul. Just like every room in the house of their own motif and purpose, DesignerLife each area has its own shape and purpose. Check it all together, even to the hall and kitchen, all areas of our lives to DesignerLife. A DesignerLife has been designed with love and honor your best and your best architected and it included spiritual hallways and pantries. Mmm, that looks amazing, does not it?

It's not perfect, but it is. It is not fair but it's naturally inviting. DesignerLife natural life that you design, detail, and very, very inviting not only you but to other sojourners, also. We have been looking so long for the system, we work for companies, businesses, we have built up our way of life we ​​live in the country. Dreams of our soul, our natural gifts, and our talent: this is a new day, and the rest of what we knew has died, the excavation, restoration, and to develop our most precious resource is time.You probably thought the creation was completed millions of years ago, oh no. Still in the process of human life and every so often says, "hold on, wait a minute, it's time to change and children jump." With you for life demands that you run fast or get eaten before they can plod for so long. For the rest of the new paradigm, it is to thrivers, people who are ready to unleash their potential in the world.

You see, being fabulous is that you are not yourself. You did not design it, you did not make it, so there's no reason to be arrogant about it. It is a gift. Just say thank you. Gratitude is only the beginning, there is also a measure of responsibility and accountability to fall on the shoulders of the offering. And we are to inspire others. Divine intention can not imagine how you would be great. Divine intention will have your biggest mistakes and the other for its contributions to sow the seeds of wisdom. Devi is not intended to develop the next life you will become teachers and students. Manufacturer will develop the abundant human, loving, creative nature appear.

Like what it would look for a life you absolutely love? When you really think about it, I mean see it with your mind's eye, in living Technicolor, it is so horrible it sends chills up your spine should be.In order, the chaos is actually the king. I have more, and more while doing less, feel at least I'm not talking about. I have a life where your soul is satisfied I'm talking about. In order to finance a life where you feel it, and a healthy mind, body and soul have peace. It is a life with relationships that inspire and excite you, intimacy that heals and thrills, and family and community for mutual love and support. This is a meaningful and fulfilling work that uses their gifts and talents and their specificity with respect to life. It is a life where self-nurturing, self-investment, there is enough time for fun and relaxation. More ....