Thursday, June 23, 2011

Client Marketing Audit Engine Builders

The document is intended to describe the situation of the company's marketing and make recommendations appropriate reasonable touch and develop a strategic marketing position.
As written in a management framework for Marketing and Marketing Management Millennium Edition, Tenth Edition (Kotler, Philip), "Modern marketing requires more than developing a good product, attractive pricing, and make it accessible to target customers . Businesses should also communicate. with current and potential actors, and the general public marketing communications mix consists of five main modes of communication:. advertising, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, personal selling and direct marketing "

Kotler also wrote that in a company to develop an "effective marketing communication requires eight steps: (1) Identify the target audience, (2) determine the communication objectives, (3) the design of the message, (4) select communication channels, (5) establish the total budget for communication, (6) decide on the mix of communication, (7) measure the results of communications, "and (8) manage the process of integrated marketing communication.

Within the marketing audit after an attempt has been honestly tried to accurately observe behaviors and simultaneously record conversations with employees, property, prospects and customers such. It was like not to disclose the identity of the source Hopefully, this anonymity has reinforced the honesty of those who have given information to the author. In turn, the resulting honesty should have improved the chances of an accurate compilation of the current market position of the Company.
To the extent that data is acquired sales and financial information were not available for review and comparison with industry standards and metrics audit was limited to interviews and subjective data. Although some surveys have been executed with customers to get an accurate picture of the local and surrounding demographics and market share, the company must focus on getting data from broader market participation exercise its place in the industry .;u=300775