Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Really Happened In Roswell, New Mexico?

Who has not heard about the Roswell crash? I think most people, unless you are from another planet. If you were from another planet, I think you know exactly what happened. Many ideas and theories with a massive amount of books has been circulating, most all of which revolve around the principle that a UFO crashed in Roswell that night. Michael Heiser and Nick Redfern do not think a UFO crashed that night. The idea that they are put forward in his books to what Roswell, 2 जुलाई, 1947, was in New Mexico as an option. After reading his books on the subject, I just let people know there might be another possibility.

Both available from Amazon; books I'm talking by Michael S. Heiser "mask" and "Body Snatchers in the Desert by Nick Redfern are.

I was a little surprised when I first read his books, these various theories, but these possibilities after some extensive research, the total sense (at least for me) begins.

His eye-opening books, it can be concluded that. Roswell incident was a failed "Operation clip" secret session is terrible wrong? It was some kind of terrible accident? America was actually in the hands of Nazi and Japanese hands with work? Remember, it was only two years after the war was over. There really is a saucer that crashed, or maybe it is all right-wing wing is a form of Horton 02.29, first in Germany Horton brothers (Walter and Reimer) was created by it? Or it was working on very saucer-shaped craft was German. RAAF (Roswell Army Air Force) said the first day of a "flying saucer" was recovered, but the next day we are told that it was a weather balloon. This is can be both? We know that the Japanese Fugo balloon program, in which he was testing high-altitude balloon.

"Foreign bodies" were found is believed that about? They could have been a terrible Nazi and Japanese by the use of the only victims? You Japanese "Unit 731" is heard? Michael Heiser has to say about this unit. "Japan's Unit 731 - one of the more notorious Unit 731 mills brutality of WW II was an officially sanctioned and bioweapons program / facility Harbin, Manchuria Unit 731 headquarters led by Shiro Ishii was funded for those human use is synonymous with the experiments on humans know of their existence ... (or "logs" as they were sent) bioweapons, to live off human split, frostbite, high altitude pressure effects of exposure is included, and explosives used in routine experiments including American prisoners of war .. it was the unit of bioweapons will be used to project potential sources Fugo balloon. "Wow! Amazing!

It seems that they Asian Mongoloid, or Progeria children, or other misfits may have been using, so the human body when it's high altitude, cold and without protective suits or oxygen is exposed to nuclear radiation temperature may influence test. Have you heard of Nep? Nep, which (for the aircraft nuclear propulsion) stands for a program to develop nuclear energy for military aircraft were used. One of the drawbacks that the use of human occupants, they will be exposed to nuclear radiation, radiation sufficient to block material they did not. So they have some "ready" to use human ones did. There are some U.S. prisons and mental institutions stating they used the prisoners documents. Nick Redfern in his book brings out these things, all of them "deserts Body Snatchers."

All this and more comes to light in these remarkable books. They are well worth reading.

Or you still believe it was real foreigners? They are so advanced that they cross the universe and also can travel through wormholes, asteroids on the occasion dodging, and yet the first thing they do when they come here on earth is our spaceship crash? Do not you think something seems a bit strange about it? I'm sure they have any scouting mission is not any time soon. (Obviously not, because they are now dead.)

Think for a minute, if you were a young 18-22 year old soldiers, with their gear and head out into the desert to recover a crashed UFO asked. When you are there, you see some kind of craft to a chaotic scene with bodies lying on the ground. What would you think? This is a very dark night, the body are injured, but you managed to see what a small body, a large head, very large round eyes in some sort of weird suit. You really think they could be from another planet were foreigners. Or they aforementioned misfits, Progeria and Mongol child may have.

Once you have read these two books, I think you remove the July 2, 1947 was on the scene with a can. I have always believed that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I think deep within ourselves, we all want to believe in Aliens from outer space. We come here for them and we have gotten into the mess that we want to help. I do not think this means at least will not.

Michael Heiser and Nick Redfern do not think that day on an alien spacecraft crashed in the desert of New Mexico. Neither do I. Was something more sinister and closer to home. Nick Redfern says that his book, something they did not think the military was doing. They had a bad accident, they knew a way to hide what happened. Therefore, the military concocted the story UFO flying saucer.

An open, not a mind already made up your mind read books, to want not to be confused with facts. What we as Americans have been brainwashed into Hollywood by foreigners believed to exist and are out to get us? When the film "The Day the Earth Stood Still" back in 50 for today's modern films, the theme is always the same. What's the matter? Aliens are bad, they want to kill us! "Independence Day", "horizon", and look at a host of other Sci-Fi movies. ("Military industrial complex," as Eisenhower called them) I do not think it enters the mind of most people, they are very evil and sinister as to try and implement something like this would bring.;u=2684

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