Thursday, May 26, 2011

Outside of a Horse a Handicapping Book Is a Horse Player's Best Friend

Many people who bet on horse race betting long shot to get better love. There support a horse at 20-1 and winning or even having your horse is not like running a close second. The big difference with the horses, even a place bet well and just makes your exacta or trifecta 15-1 or more on a horse getting a thrill, not to mention that it is also financially rewarding is.

While it is the horses long term obstacles to get to have fun, it's not easy. Many people wonder if there is anything that the past performance that they would tip them off to see. While there may be clues to past performance, how you look and you see them all one thing.

The old adage of three blind men encounter an elephant and using your sense of touch to figure out who's like an elephant tries. The first man touches the tail and says, 'Ah, an elephant is like a rope. "

The second man touched it with rough, wrinkled skin of the foot and say, "an elephant like a large tree trunk is rough."

The third man touched the elephant's trunk, he says, "an elephant is like a giant snake."

The point is that each of us when we look at some of just a few things and see three people can come up with a completely different view points. That certainly is true in horse racing handicapping and that's why a group of people each a different horse to back. Now here is the important part of the text. Every detail of the elephant partly true, but also just because of what was not unique, but also what was left out.

You know when you go out to handicap a horse race if you want to find good longshot bet. Here's an example ...

In 10 races at Monmouth Park on May 22, 2011, Spendabuck Stakes, Uncle Otto was at 18.5 to 1. In fact the race was the second longest on the difference. The reason was that his last two races were real clinkers. He had two grounds of race and finished poorly in each race. Short distance before he was successful on dirt. Based on his last two races, to see why he was so long the difference was simple. Intelligent handicappers, but felt that race did not count because Uncle Otto is not a turf horse race well on the field does not. You throw them out of the race and just dust, which certainly put him right in the mix used on your form.

Bobbling at the break and despite being bumped ran a good race. The prohibitive favorite for the second, was now part of Rush. $ 2 exacta on the fact that the odds of your favorite race in the race won and there were only six starters, despite a generous paid $ 60. Uncle Otto is also the place to pay $ 11.80. Winner to pay only $ 4 to win. Point was money to be made despite the fact that the favorite won the race. All had to make a sharp handicapper throw dirt on the ground out of the race was known as Uncle Otto. While less is actually more.;u=2470;u=6507;u=7765